How do I get more Bass in a Miata?

I have a 2005 Miata that I bought new and it has a nice sound system in it from the factory with 8 inch speakers in the doors, but since it is a convertible at highway speeds there is just not enough bass in the music. I have thought of putting a sub in the trunk, but do not know if I would even hear it. I know I have the wrong car for any kind of good sound, but it is me and my wife’s toy and I would just like to have more depth in the music.

Answer #1

You can go to a Jacks stereo or any auto audio shop and they can build you a custom box that can go behind your seats.

Answer #2

Install a sealed box for the deepest bass. Make sure that the box matches the specs required by the speaker and try to get a professional to suggest the best speaker that will require the smallest box. This should give you more room in the trunk

Answer #3

There in nothing going behind the seat of this car unless you want to cut a hole in the metal and mover the gas tank.

Answer #4

I have a grand total of 4 cubic foot in the trunk of this car and it is also a convertible, I do not know how much sound would make it to the cabin where I sit. The trunk is so small you can only fit one set of golf clubs, in the cabin the seats are all the way back with zero space from the back wall, and under the seat there may be 2 inches in some places. The space between me and the passenger seat in about 6 inches and that is where the cup holder and the six speed shifter are.

Answer #5

Depending on the amount of “wind noise” you get inside the cabin…you may not in fact be able to do much with the stereo system….I had a subaru that sounded like the windows were rolled down (even new, part of the reason I got rid of it) when driving on the freeway.

I like Renaldo’s idea of consulting a professional stereo installer…just make sure you don’t talk to one that only wants your $$$, as they may recommend a half - a$$ install just to get you to pay that still won’t sound very good.

Answer #6

Yes, the last time I talked to a professional I looked at the numbers he proposed and it was close to 5K dollars, and I told him he was crazy. I have improved the 8’s in the doors, and replaced the tweeters, but I think you may be right, I am stuck with crappy low frequency reproduction.

Answer #7

Unless you are short (and everyone else who rides your Miata) than you won’t have much room behind the seats for a sub.

Believe it or not a subwoofer in the trunk works pretty well. Low frequencies travel through metal easier than higher frequencies. You will hear the bass from a trunk sub pretty well but so will all the cars around you. If annoying everyone around you at stoplights is your idea of fun than this is a good thing.

Answer #8

Well this car is mostly for when me and my wife go on a road trip, so most of the time it is on the highway. No I don’t really want to get tickets for noise pollution.

Answer #9

The thing is Chris. from my past experience the smaller the box the more expensive the speaker. There are really good designs that will fit perfect in the truck and give you a “bangin” bass. Just make sure that a professional does the box and the speaker. He might even get it under your dash. They can do wonders nowadays. Warning, you might wanna upgrade you mids and height as well. Also you probably will need an amplifier. And by then you are going to just want more and more and more. lol. Hence the reason why i dont dabble in that again.

Answer #10

Well I did this stuff as a kid and I had a car when four 15’s and 3K watts of Orion HCCR amp power, but I don’t want this, I just want a little more. It looks like not to many people on here have seen a Miata, but you can look it up on google it is a MX-5 mazdaspeed turbo.

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