What is pernicious anemia?

I know it has something to do with B12

Answer #1

Pernicious anemia is a serious disease that comes from a deficiency of vitamin B12. Unfortunately most people do not realize they are B12 deficient until their body has permanent damage.

Most people with pernicious anemia lack “intrinsic factor” which makes it impossible to absorb B12. B12 shots are the usual treatment since B12 pills will not work.

Answer #2

My mother has it and has had I for 35 yrs, what can I do to help her? And does it ever go away? Do u know?

Answer #3

Has she been getting B12 shots? If your mother lacks intrinsic factor than she will either need B12 shots or megadose oral B12 supplements (usually people without intrinsic factor can still absorb a little B12) for the rest of her life. About the only thing you can do to help her is to encourage her to keep up with her treatments.

Answer #4

Yes she gets shots, the frquency has changed, she used to get them once a month and now she gets them once a week, is that normal? She did once a month for like 25 yrs then all of a sudden they changed it

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