Well, I was watching a show called “You Are What You Eat” because there was nothing else on TV. I was bored, LOL!

Well, what caught my attention was when the dietician mentioned dark circles and pale eyelids. That’s pretty much me- even though I wear concealer every day. The she went on to explain that those symptoms, along with tiredness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat are all symptoms of anemia.

I eat fine- I’m vegan. But I take a multivitamin to fill in any nutritional gaps. Anything with 18mg+ of iron makes me get sick…so it’s hard to get iron. And I’m always tired, even though I get enough sleep. But what REALLY bugs me is that when I go to stand up, I get really light headed and dizzy. Sometimes to the point where it takes my breath away. And my heart will literally POUND.

Does this sound like anemia to anyone?

Just to clear it all up- it’s NOT because I’m out of shape…because I’m in GOOD shape!

Answer #1

I’m VERY pale, and just for the record- ALLERGIC to nuts =P Go figure. I’m so pathetic, I’m always tired and bitter cold. But until I get blood tests done, I can’t do anything about it. Like I said, anything with a certain amount of iron makes me sick. Thanks for all your opinions =)

Answer #2

I have anemia and yep… it sounds like you have it. if I stand up too fast I get very dizzy. do you have very pale skin? and at gthe doctors they can do a simple test to make sure your iron isnt low. thats how they found out that I was anemic.

Answer #3

It could be…have you been to a Dr at all? Just to get a normal physical would be great. Should do that at least once a yr anyways.

Answer #4

Ask your doctor to check your iron count, and take a multi-vitamin with iron in it. Also, since you are a vegan you need to eat more nuts and veggies with iron and protein. I am anemic and I take a multi-vitamin daily to help keep my iron up. It gets really bad when I am on my period though and I have to take an extra iron pill. Your body is probably reacting poorly to iron because your iron count is so low.

Answer #5

Here’s a test that my brother gave me. If you’re anemic, and you rub something gold on your skin, it will turn your skin a greenish black color. it’ll look almost like a bruise. try that!

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