"girl" bleeding normal ??

Ok so my last period ended like 12 days ago and I am bleeding very lightly is that normal?? My periods are usually 30 days apart

Answer #1

yes, it sounds normal…12 days of heavy bleeding would be worrying,but if it’s lightly and you’re not having any pain etc, it should be normal.

also you’re still going through puberty and it’s not abnormal for a girl’s period to be long and light during that time, it’ll take anything from 2-5 years before it evens out.

Answer #2

that’s also normal during puberty for it to stop and start. sorry I misunderstood.

If you aren’t having pain, it’s normal. It’ll take a while before you regularize.

Answer #3

well if your stress or so it can cause you to have light bleeding a few days after your period… ( that I was told) but if your worried go see a doctor

Answer #4

thank :) I feel better

Answer #5

no it wasnt 12 days long my period ended 12 days ago and I am bleeding agian oh also it is light now not much blood at all

Answer #6

ok now it is like a normal period and I dont have a doctor

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