People who skateboard.. help?

All I can really do on my skateboard is go down hills. so what tricks should I start off with? and can you tell me step by step how to do them? thanks allot :D

Answer #1

tic tac tic tack is basically rolling and then moving the board left or/and right, lifting only the front wheels up to slightly move the direction your going tic tac is a basic move to get you better at learning how to turn while moving manuling maybe when you roll then lift the two front wheels up and see how long you can go for on the back two wheels ollieing if you feel up to it the ollie is the basis for most other tricks, and will also be good for getting up things like curves or steps stand on the board, you dont need to move (can be on concrete, gass, carpet ect) put your back foot below the bolts on the tail, and front foot just on the bolts pop the back foot up, as you do that slide your front foot up, lift your back foot up to level the board, then land there are a lot of clips that shpow you step by step how to do it youtube is a good place to start

but remember, everything will require practice to learn maybe a little, or maybe a lot of it so dont give up, you probably wont it at first but to keep trying because skateboarding takes a lot of practice

Answer #2

Well, I won’t be very much help at all, but that’s because I only ride a longboard so all I do is go down hills (well, not really since I live in Florida, so I kinda just push around). But that in and of itself is fun, a good mode of transportation, and can be really relaxing. Plus, you don’t have to worry about people calling you a poser for not being able to do tricks seen as how it’s physically impossible to do tricks on a longboard…well, on mine at least. So if you enjoy just riding down hills, maybe you could try getting a longboard, they’re loads of fun, and make it a lot easier to go down hills, plus you can go a lot faster on a longboard as well. Hope I helped at least a little, but really, I’d be surprised if I did, so if I didn’t, I apologize.

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