Can old people sustain for long being a computer programmer?

Answer #1

What do you mean by “old” people? Also, yes of course they could, i dont quite understand why they wouldnt be able too.

Answer #2

What do you consider old, there is a lady right next to me who is a 60 year old programmer and she does very well.

Answer #3

as long as they can read, see or hear fine I am sure they can. but how old is old. My great great great aunt is 87 and she uses a computer. shoot she just stop driving cab last year.

Answer #4

There is certainly a degree of cognitive decline that occurs as we age. I’ve already noticed it. However, the specific skills we use most decline the least. Someone who has been a programmer for decades could loose a lot but the fact that they have been programming for years means they probably have maintained the specific cognitive skills needed to program.

So a long time programmer may no longer know to come in out of the rain but may still be able to program circles around a lot of young whipper snappers.

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