Why do people stay up so late to party?

would in not be more fun to party during the lite hours of the day?

Answer #1

I’d have to say that it’s because most people have things to do during the day time that would get in the way of partying. Sometimes people have places to go (work, school, shopping, ect), and drinking early just isn’t an option.

Answer #2

Well people go out to party and then sleep most the next day away.

Answer #3

@Chris - the majority of parties are on a Saturday, since many people have a day off on Sunday, and can afford to sleep in if they want. Second favourite night for parties is Friday - because nearly as many people have the Saturday off as well as the Sunday.

Answer #4

I like to go out around 3 or 4 PM that way I can before all the drunks get on the road at around 10 or 11. Then I have my entire day tomorrow to do things.

Answer #5

Well I think people like to party so late so that once thr done gettin trashed they can go straight to bed, if they partied early in the day they wud b in bed to early :-)

Answer #6

I have found myself in bed as early as 7 PM depending on how hard the day was.

Answer #7

I think the earliest for me is like 8 or so, and depending on how the day went, just like u

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