How many people were at the "Restoring Honor" Rally hosted by Glenn Beck?

The numbers seem to range from 87,000 from one news source, to around 200,000 - 400,000 from most other sources I personally believe that there were around 150,000 from the data I have seen.

Answer #1

You must be a democrat and a very very liberal person who doesn’t know the heart of the Constitution, and why we should preserve it.

Answer #2

im a neither. i hate politics and what makes glenn beck different from every politian out there? if hes the so called smartest and most sensible guy, then why doesnt he run for office? hes an idiot. its all corrupted.

Answer #3

its all conspiracy, and glenn beck is one of the center people with that bs

Answer #4

you are talking to breakingfan I presume?

Answer #5

If we’re going to “restore honor” can we at least start stringing up the CEO’s who ruined the economy?

I know, I know, the politicians helped them…but, just b/c the politician gives a business guy a loaded pistol, it’s NOT the responsibility of the government to ensure the idiot refrains from pulling the trigger.

Near as I can tell, the only point of these rally’s is a smokesceen whilst the rich bilk all of us and laugh, while taking away our rights…

Answer #6

you have a valid point. Big Business is just as corrupt. The only difference is, large corporations generate jobs and actual revenue from the buying and selling of products and services, while The government spends money and really doesnt create anything thing that wasnt already there.

Answer #7

large corporations generate jobs

False. Patently false. Small business generates most of the new jobs in the economy. I’m a proud small business owner, and I’ve done my homework. Large corporations don’t generate that many jobs in reality, b/c of layoffs, catering to the bottom line, etc.

Answer #8

Ya, I am no fan of Large corporations that is for sure, but at least they generate wealth. The Government is a black hole. The Government does not create wealth! LOL, Say it with me: The Government does not create wealth. Only the private sector can do that. The government can assist by making it easier for businesses to operate efficiently and to keep jobs from going over sea’s some how.

Answer #9

Large Corporations, generates the revenue and help small business not the other way around. Take for example, a mining company, uses the services and products from small businesses…Without large corporations, generating revenue, and being taxed by the government, no country could survive financially based on the revenue generated from small businesses. Let’s leave your bias aside now.

Answer #10


Answer #11

All he’s doing, Glen Beck, is making people aware of what is happening. You may not like him, he may be an idiot, act like an idiot, but he makes people aware what is going on.

So what are you doing to change conditions. Remember people get what they vote for, or don’ vote. Not voting for what is right is also in agreement with what is going on. They don’t act to change conditions for the best of all. Unless you think what is happening with the US is best for all. What is you thought on that?

The tone of the government reflects the people. We want we want we want, without having to work for it. That is why we are becoming so socialistic. Socialism gives without working for it. It takes from those who have and gives it to people who don’t want to work so hard, if that at all. The problem with socialism is it produces a society that doesn’t produce. Germany is now seeing that for the first time. Look at the Roman Empire, it fell because of socialism. People didn’t want to work, or produce.

The Roman Empire fell because people wanted more with out working for it. We are in the same situation right now. People want what the rich have without working for it, and like Rome, entertainment is all about death. Watch TV, and the movies. Death death death, attracts people for entertainment.

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