why do people rape,kill or steal kids teens and elders?

…i mean i think its sick and deppressing that people do that=…do u?

Answer #1

ofc i do…so do many others…nobody can rly answer this question tho…theres many diff rsns somebody mite do stupid sh!t like tht ….

Answer #2

cooz there are really fuked up people in the world.

Answer #3

EZ targets, thats why..

Answer #4

yea i agreee with him it is true why have u ever got rapped before kidnnaped and tthen u got annoying so they took u home and u had to lie and say u were at ur friends house playing football my friends had to do that because they got kidnnped by this dude while playing footbal and he asked them if he can help him find his dog and they where gone fot two weeks and the dude got annoyed and took them home beacuse they perpiously being annoying and could not help it so they just kept talk =g and talkin and talkin

Answer #5

think about it these are the groups that really need help whether with mental or physical problems, there is a certain power that is falsified by victimizing them

Answer #6

Those criminals are really cowards and sissies with low or no self-esteem, so they pick someone who’s weak & helpless and terrorize him or her.

Answer #7

Ill try to answer according to each subject:

Rape: usually either for a power trip for their ego knowing they can do it at anytime, or from pent up sexual frustration.

Kill: Most are again, a power trip, however some are crimes gone wrong, or as a way to remove you from making a situation difficult so they can do something like rob you or get to people you know.

Steal: Mostly to buy things like food or drugs, depending on the person, very few do it to feel powerful.

Answer #8

its related to deeper mental issues that happened when their were younger, either a simular situation or a lack of being close to people, by doing these things they feel better about themselves and alot of times its realated to some kind of sexual thrill, these people have issues that a person with a more average childhood would have problems understanding without a background in psychology or criminal profiling

Answer #9

People who abuse and hurt others like that have usually been abused themselves,which is still know excuse

Answer #10

tru dat yo

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