How many people play COD for wii?

I haven’t played cod in a while and i am really craving it but i only have a wii system and i was wondering should i buy a new system to play cod on or does enough people play it on wii for me to have a good experience?

Answer #1

no one because both Wii and CoD suck. teehee

Answer #2

I didn’t even know they had COD for Wii.

Answer #3

cod is a good time ya know

Answer #4

probably because noone plays it on wii. this is my problem

Answer #5

I beg to difer, not Wii nor Cod suck, Wii being exelent tecknolegy and Cod being the most sucsessfull 1st person shooter ever made… But I won’t play COD on wii becuse of the graphix on wii being noware near my PC

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