How many people on this site play dnd?

I just feeling nerdy. and by dnd I mean dungens and dragons =3…

Answer #1

I do, totally awesome XD Just started maybe a month ago though when I finally met some friends who played it after a long time of wanting to try it myself.

Answer #2

Me. I started playing the old dnd when I was a kid, I have been playing ADnD and now my people shifted to DnD3 last year. We also do occasionally play ‘GURPS’ and we used to do ‘Shadowrun’ and ‘Vampire the Masquerade’.

I love pen&Parer roleplaying. It’s nerdy, yes. But it’s no use trying to behave normal when normality bores you. I appreciate meeting weird people for a weird hobby. Because if you bury your weirdness somewhere deep down inside, you’ll get frustrated. If you like the nerdy things, be a nerd. And be proud of it. Be yourself.

Answer #3

naw. but it sounds cool tho. I probably wont play it tho.

Answer #4

Nope. I’m an adult. And since it was something closet masturbators did, I never played it as a kid.

Answer #5

thats the role playing dnd?

narr I dont play it…

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