Why do people say money is not everything?

I know it may not be everything, but if you want to do anything you need some kind of capital.

Answer #1

I think thr a differance between havein money and being greedy about it

Answer #2

I dunno. People like to think we live in this utopian world where love is really all that matters. Money is extremely important or life can be absolutely miserable. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First is basic necessities, food, air, etc. Second level is security and safety needs, love and belonging dont even hit till the third level. If you dont have food, shelter, and a safe place to be, the rest of it doesnt matter. I agree, money is very important. It isnt everything. But it is important.

Answer #3

Money is certainly important, but it is not the most important thing. Happiness, love, good health are all far more important than money.

Answer #4

You have NO idea how refreshing it was to read your answer! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who felt that way. Apparently I am the only one who openly feels this way among my friends.

Answer #5

I think the people that say this have a distaste for money; it’s a necessity but they don’t want it. The fact that they need it is the only reason that they have it.

It’s going by importance to the individual in this situation. How important is money to you? Money isn’t really important to me but it provides structure and flow which is why I accept it.

Answer #6

I don’t know, they might live in a different world, because in my world money is everything.

Answer #7

Money is not everything, but it is something important in life anyway.

Answer #8

They say money does not buy happiness, but I have not seen to many people in poverty, that were happy.

Answer #9

Well it is not everything, but it does help.

Answer #10

those ppl never had an money issue in their life or else they’d understand how important it is, money isnt everything, but not having it can mean everything

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