What can I do to get some money?

I need some extra money in my pocket. Before you say I can’t get a good job. I know before you say babysit or something. Am not good with kids who I don’t know. Am not shoving snow. Cause peoples around where I live don’t accept peoples help in exchange for money. So all of them possibles odd jobs is out. If I could find something to do with computers that would be great. Cause am best at computers. Help? (

Answer #1

Why not make fliers about your computation skills. People tend to have problems with their computers very often so you can actually get money from doing this.

Just put up a range of prices depending on the problem, make sure that the prices don’t seem farfetched. If you can try to make a reasonable price with the person your helping. Also, it helps to be creative with your fliers so they can be eye appealing, I suppose you are well aware that your not the only one that is good at computers and therefore you want to stand out. Having a nice decorative flier will help. Also having friends that can advertise you will also help you out.

Answer #2

once again peoples in my area don’t really accept peoples help. plus I don’t trust peoples around here. this not a good community

Answer #3

Not much you can do, I can’t really think of anything of the top of my head if your community isn’t willing to cooperate with you.

Might as well wait till you come of age, and actually get a job that you know for a fact will pay.

Answer #4

you can donate blood for money. Call a local plasma bank

Answer #5

I suggest you to trade in forex. though you need some time but you can gain good. I trade in fx-insight.

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