Did people back then live longer than people now?

Answer #1

Well, as loose of a term as back then is, I think most people would agree that humans generally live longer nowadays. With the development of new medicines and technologies, it’s easier to keep people’s hearts beating now, as compared to back whenever you may be talking about.

Answer #2

quite the opposite. we tend to live longer now then people used to

Answer #3

We probably live longer now because we like the 1st answer said, we have medicine and technology which will help keep us healthy.

Answer #4

in the past, our grand grand…parents could live for about 1000-500 years and their bodies were huge!! but not monkeys -.-

Answer #5

Average lifespan has generally increased throughout human history. There were times when lifespan temporarily dipped due to plagues, wars, or natural disasters but the overall trend has been to live longer. In the past most people died of infectious diseases. Antibiotics, vaccination and sterile protocols have nearly eliminated death from infectious disease in 1st world nations. Now dieing from infectious disease is the exception rather than the norm. Defeating infectious disease has been responsible for most of the increase in lifespan over the last century. We do seem to be seeing a slight dip now. Young people today are not expected to live as long as their parents even though medicine has made progress against cancer and heart disease. Higher stress, lower standard of living, and increasing rates of obesity and diabetes are the cause of the current dip in longevity we are seeing.

Answer #6

Back then, in ancient Rome times, people thought it was a miracle to live until the age of 50. This was because of the lead cups and pipes their water and wine flowed through in. Since Roman people loved wine, every cup was basically poisoning them bit by bit. Slowly, they realized what was causing so many deaths, and as the technology improved, people started living to the age of 70. When the Industrial boom happened in the late 1800’s and 1900’s, the pollution was so high in some places that the highest age dropped from 80 to 60. The smoke and pollutants in the water and air were so dangerous because of the coal, etc, peoples lungs were damaged. Now, because of pacemakers and whatnot, people live longer, despite the environment in which they live. I hope this answers your question!

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