When do most people generally have sex?

Answer #1

When there ready to … or in love, with the right person it depends on the two ppl !!

Answer #2

Whenever they feel they are mature enough..but if they arent..like on teen mom..then thats what can most likely happen.Not saying they arent great moms.But life is hard when its unplanned and they are only sixteen.

Answer #3

Sex is not something you just do because it is cool to do, popular or the IN thing to do…there are so many consequences to having premature sex especially when neither you or your body is ready for it. In fact some people who tried it & werent ready for it mentally or physically said it traumatized them for many years!!!

You have to understand all that is involved with sex, all that can happen because of sex & ask yourself if you really want the responsibility that comes with it if you do it wrong, like if you hurt your partner…if they become pregnant or any complications after sex!

All in all, I say, If you arent really in love with that person & arent sure about it then you are obviously not ready to have it! Educate yourself & know all the facts before getting yourself involved in this ahead of time. If you are certain & know all the facts about what can or can not happen & feel that emotionally & mentally as well as physically you both are ready for it & the long term relationship after wards…then perhaps you might be ready for it!

Be careful & stay safe…

Answer #4

I was looking for an answer, not a buzzkill!

Answer #5

id say when you find a guy ur truely in love with…. i would say 18 would be the ideal age but use protection bc no one wants to be a teen momma

Answer #6

umm for fun, or maybe cause they think they r in love….

Answer #7

anytime before your married and have a kid..

Answer #8

there really is no exact answer to this, it deepnds on the individuals and even on their cultures and other things. a lot of people have sex when they feel ready, but then some cultures force marriage onto young women so they get forced into sex, and a lot of teens also have sex because they feel pressured to. but the RIGHT time to have sex is when YOU feel ready to

Answer #9

Way too soon my friend.. way too soon.

Answer #10

I’m a GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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