How could you make people "LIKE" your comment?

Answer #1

You can’t make people like your comments. If you give good comments theyll like it themselves.

Answer #2

Say something that everyone likes ;P

Answer #3

I agree with Janicee, if they like it they will click the like button and u will get ur points

Answer #4


Answer #5

You can actually pick up to 3 comments u like and click the like button and they all 3 get points for thr answer

Answer #6

Problem is, half the time other people don’t look at what you write, which is one thing that has always bothered me about funadvice even before they had the point system.

Answer #7

You can’t make make people “like” your comments, answers, how to’s, tips, etc… The only thing you can do is give the best answers you can, be honest, and as helpful as possible. You shouldn’t expect people to “like” your stuff, they’ll “like” it if they actually like it. You should give good answers to help people, not to gain points. Also, if you ask or tell someone to “like” your stuff so you can get points…then you will get in trouble for point boosting.

Answer #8

When do people not read what you write? They have to read things to answer them, or comment on them.

Answer #9

By having your comment be a good one? I don’t think you can MAKE someone, it’s just who ever likes it, likes it.

Answer #10

I know a way. . .

Answer #11

They read the questions, yes. But other people’s answers? No. That is why some answers are repeated over and over again.

Answer #12

Well not everyone is going to like you comment. Just think about what appeals to people and type away lol BUT on the other hand, what if everyone agreed with one person???…it would be a wierd world lol

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