Peeled sunburn to early

So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?

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Use after sun gel you can get it in local places and stuff. It helps the skin to heal. Stop peeling it anymore and touching it. If after a week it gets worse or the same see a doctor or your G.P! Hope this helps x x x

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omg. my sister did that before..she got sunburn on her nose, adn she ketp peeling the skin off and it got all pink and raw..I think she used some kind od cooling cream..solarcaine, I think.

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its a bit of an obveous answer but go to your local gp and they should be able to sort you out

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