Does having pcos as well as endomentriosis hide the pregnancy hormones?

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Well, I myself have PCOS, and I know that it can prevent pregnancy in many circumstances if not treated, but I don't know about Endomentriosis.

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i've been told that endomentriosis is like PCOS but it can spread, if left untreated it can cause you to need a hystorectomy. Unfortunately i have a blood problem (missing half a gene, i have factor 5 though) there is no way to treat mine with medication.

All i know is im roughly 2 weeks late fr my period and have taken a home test kit with negative results yet i have had all signs of my period except for blood

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Well, to be honest, I haven't had my period in 7 months. PCOS can stop you from having your period, but for me, being around others who do have it, you can experience the same symptoms, just no actual blood. I was taking birth control for a while to regulate it and have an actual period, but I haven't taken them in quite some time (which I don't recommend, it needs to be treated, and I'm failing to do that which can be very harmful) so I've had nothing, no spotting, no flow, no anything.

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I cant take birth control for the same reason i cant take medication for PCOS, unfortunately it could kill me because one side effect is blood clots, which my blood is more prone to do

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And PCOS can be harmful too, being as you can have cysts growing on your ovaries, and they can burst, which isn't good at all. I really advise you to see a doctor to find some sort of treatment, and work out some sort of plan, this is a serious matter which should be taken with serious precaution. I really hope you're able to find some sort of treatment.

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im on the waiting list for the gynocologist to get treatment for CIN1, it came back from last years CIN3 so im going to be pushing for him to check everything while hes there as i dont plan to go back there for a while afterwards

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Well, good luck, i really hope all turns out well for you. If you aren't able to get everything checked out in one visit, don't limit yourself to just that one, despite whatever fears or obstacles you may have, you really do need to get this treated.

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I have been diagonsed with PCOS a while ago. After all these years, i finally found out what the problem was.

Ive been hospitalised many times due to cysts bursting. I cant handle the pain.
It does suck.

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