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Pathetic cousin

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Ok so I started my 2nd secondary school a little late in year 7, I was talking to a popular boy who I thought was just a regular guy I was glad people were talking to me asking me the silliest questions but I was happy I was making friends,including with the boys you no incase I got in trouble I would have someone to backme up [lol], 2 days later I was pretty acustom to the school but the next day I stayed off and I developed a crush on one of the popular boys now the girl I already knew who I came to the school [lets call her .. Sarah] sarah who was also my 2nd cousin and I toold sarah and my new friend [lets call her laura] laura about the guy I fancied, when I came back to school the next day I finished through assembly and my cousin sarah goes to me ''sorry but I go out with sami[the boy I fancied] '' I was in shock they went out for 2 days but I was so in shock like how could she do this to me,we were cousins we had the same blood! I was confused,
A few days later she dumped him

A year later, I noticed I liked a another boy who was in like year 11 at the time I just developed a crush and we were friends and sarah started to hang around with him a lot,after school from school to scool,at every chance possible she never fancied him or nothing but I was starting to get a bit jealous,
And this happened about 2 more times until!

I liked another boy [lol] and this one was a yer below and we both liked each other and was getting on well and our friends used to tease us both because we never exaclty told each other, so my cousin recognised an oppotunity to move in ,and by the end of a lunchtime they were best pals , and then the next day he didnt talk to me and skip along story short he fancied her and I was hangn with my cousin at the time like all the time and I had to sit and watch in disgust when they was just messing around like hugging and tickling and bum touching and all the close cuddling I was just so sad but I didnt want to show any emotion,.. By the end of the day 5 minutes before the end sarah goes tome how would you feel if I went out with [the boy I fancied] - - I was liek I wouldnt care and deep down I knew she knew and my best firend new that I was boilinng with rage and wanted to slap the relaxer into her hair and I said are you going out with him and she goes yeah

And this hapend a few more times the same routine, I liked a boy,she stuck to them like glue and went out with them.

Now because were the same age and in the same tutor its abit hard to like get rid of her aswell as us having an family relation towards each other.
Soo I developed a kind of obsessive lol like a bad crush/fancy/nearly love feeling for another boy I loved this boy for a year my cousin used to take the pis out of him then she used to start hangin with him and then me and my bestfriend laura did. Skip along sgtorys hort he ended up likingher everyone knew accept me because e used to like me,and we all had a sleepover one big sleepover and sarah wouldnt let me go in the middle of the bed because I wanted to b next to the boy I would drop for and she would just make excuses and I got annoyed and continued watching a film, I noticed her hands were moving to the boys dick but I thought I was just over exaggerating but I wasnt I wasnt aloud to stay over so I had to go home because of my mum I cried all that night and in the morning I was furious thinking god kknows what happend and skip along story short , she tossed him off while I was in the same bed and he fingered her and my over friend said do you want a condm [wtf] and my cousin said no[wtf!]. And she kept meeting up with him, I fell out with her for ages for that, and then she moved onto another boy and kissed his face off infront of the boy I fancied to get back at him,because he texted me when I went on holiday liek 24/7.

Now , [in my previous advise] I had sex with this boy and its got out after and now she started hangin around with him, from 2 days ago and changn her msn name to [his name in stars] and my bestfriend and then telling me if I can see her name and she changed it to she is a jezabell [ a sket] which was about me, and now she keeps talking about me,

And she knows I would smack her up because I've hit her before for soemthing stupid
And she is like a preetty girl,but like omg,she has hygene issues[she dont bath]she dont wash when she goes to the toilet,she keeps the same pad on 4 the hole day,she tossed boys off in school,shes had sex in bushes she is straight nasty trust and her dad thinks she's an angel , she is really dumb aswell lkike askes questions to me sayn is she a male or female and stuff

That was so long but I needed to get it off m chest
I need sweet revenge fast, what do you think on the hole of that^^
Does she hate me that much but she doesnt really have that much brain power,like she is one of the retarded classes that are seperateed from the hole year ,they do year 9 lessons instead off y11

What can I do,

And her dad turned around and told my mother I was a bad influence please.

Ordered itching powder and laxatives for prom,to make her go toilet and itch
What else?