passing an ETG test

besides not drinking how can I pass an ETG test for alcohol

Answer #1

Vinegar doesn’t work. Drinking water doesn’t work.

Not drinking alcohol for about a week DOES


Answer #2

you like have to drink vinegar. seriously. thats what everbody I knew did..

Answer #3

An etg can detect alcohol UP TO 80 hours I just took One last week my results just came in tonight so Two days before taking my etg test I drank two beers I was stressing about it all week like everyone and come To find out I passed yay!!!! Go me!!! So if you drink two Beers you have 36 hour window to be clean and not Register on the test 12 beers 72 hours and for a person Who drinks 24 7 80 hours and some cases 90 hours is also Helps to workout and drink something with taurine in it 24 hours before

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