How can i convince my parents to let me party all night?

I'm 16, and I love to go out and have fun. But I feel that if I can't go out and party than I'll just go crazy. How do I convince my parents to let me go out and party, and promise them I won't drink. How can I prove to them that they can trust me and I'm responsible at a party?

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sneak out. I do it alll the time. by them keeping you in your just gonna go party/boy/alcohol/drug crazy when they finally let you out lol

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For one thing, be good. By that I mean, get good grades, help out around the house, and yeah, do that for awhile, then you can ask, 'cause you have a lot of reasons to throw a party, 'cause you deserve it.
hope this helped, good luck ;)

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Have you ever heard of sleep, at your age you need at least 8 hours of sleep to function. Also go to a youth group at a church, it's much more fun. You won't get yourself into trouble either, and your parents wont' have a problem with it. Your parents are going to say no period, so get a clue!!!

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Just like sneak out if possible..if not tell them your spending the night at your buds house and the go out and for me

Hope this helps cutey

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If you have a friend whos mom is leneit ,get her to call youre parents and say the party is supervised. Works EVERY TIME! And its sooo funy

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Tell them that you are going to be the designated driver.

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yea there's a problem with that.....parents say no to that kind of thing for a reason there are tuns of stuff that goes on besides drinking and maybe they dont want u around those type of ppl especcially in that scene

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yah i have the same problem, but its cuz i f*cked up and got caught drinking 2 times.
my cerfew is 11 and i hate talking to people on the phone while their out partying, i'm laying in my bed like damnn..
but yeah
my parents lecture and say that they dont want me to do everything young because i will be bored withlife or some sh*t..your parents im sure grew up when partying was the best thing around, theyve seen it all, and they dont want their baby girl doin all that. they cant hide you from the world..but while your under their roof they can. i just tell myself when i'm 18 i'm outtt. and then the fun will begin

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There's a 20 year old on here who says their parents don't let them go out all night..
And trying to tell a 16 year old to lie to her parents.
How immature.

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Im 16 too I have a tattoo lip piercing ear ring and parents dont give a sh*t what I do...I wish they did because the ammount of times I've been wasted and they were just like "drink water." It sucks

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earn there trust then go out and just keep it in mind if you do anything your parents would disapprove that your going to have to pay the consequences but just show them that you can handle yourself responsibly in public and when your out.

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dot hings like go 2 sleep late and wake up early pretending 2 b fine! it always works 4 me!

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You will go crazy if you are not out partying all night? Why is that do you think?

Is there a reason you can't sit with yourself at home and have a nice evening occupying your time with your family or your own hobbies? Maybe this is the reason your parents are concerned about your need to be out?

No adult in their right mind is going to come to this board and give you advice on how to convince your parents that you should be out all night partying. Because you shouldn't be out all night partying. You are either drinking, doing drugs, dealing drugs, having sex, trying to have sex, or trying to attract the attention of boys who will try to have sex with you. That's what partying IS.

So chill out, learn to like who you are without going apey all over town trying to validate yourself by looking for any crazy tom dick or harry to make you feel loved, liked, smart, or beautiful.

Your parents love you, like you, think you are are smart and beautiful and 20 years from now when the guys you're out with tonight don't even remember who you are, your parents will still be there.

Chill out. All in due time with the partying you have oh so many years to get out there with all that craziness. Take up a hobby.

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Well, if you are untrustworthy, or irresponsible then, they are probably not going to let you do anything.

Plus, you are a girl, and you can get pregnant, so parents are usually more leniant to boys because they can't get pregnant. lol

Plus, it depends on the parents. If you prove yourself responsible, caring, trustworthy,
and capable of making good choices, then they won't need to worry that you aren't
doing something stupid. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how responsible you are, they still won't let you out.

It just depends on you and the parent.

The best way to ask your parents, is to sit either both, or the one you can better communicate with.

Calmly tell them that you feel that you should be able to go out to a party. Make sure you say A party and not just PARTY, because it sounds better.

Then, tell them about some of your reasons; (ex: your grades are good, you have a job, you help around the house, sports, clubs, anything that you are responsible for)

If they still say no, then well, you are just going to have to deal with that. You can't change anybody's mind, but you can help persuade. If they won't budge, then just wait until you are a little older; I know it's not what you want to hear. But it's the truth.

By you getting defensive and saying

"But everyone else gets to" makes you sound immature and pretty stupid actually, but saying "okay" and then trying to prove to be MORE responsible is the only way to gain their trust.

Hope I helped
and Good Luck

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Okay, let me get this are 16, and you want to be able to go out and party alnight...LOL, yeah right.

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word of advice: fly under the radar. I am 17 and party all the time-but I don't tell my parents. In fact, I lie about everywhere I am going, all the time. There is no way you will convince them if your parents aren't cool with drinking-if they were, they would have told you by now. Just fly under the radar, don't go crazy, and don't tell adults and you'll be fine!

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ask them if u can go to ateen club most of them close at 12 o'clock

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ask them if u can go to ateen club most of them close at 12 o'clock

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i used to want to party all night and BEG my mom to let me go out
she always said NO!
and if i got lucky she would say yes but
she'd give me some wack a$$ curfew that was like 2 or 3 hours earlier than everybody elses
and it usually only gave me like 2 hours out anyway.
so i just stopped asking!
i thought i'd wait til i was 18 to have all my fun
go crazy!
until prom night came around
i asked and she said yes.
of course she gave me a 2:30 curfew
when everyone else was stayin out ALL NIGHT
my first day of freedom was SWEET
until i was sexually assualted.
when my parents found out
they cried of course
and said they wished they couldve protected me..
thats exactly what ur parents are doing by not letting you stay out all night
i was only out for a couple of hours
and i was taken advantage of.
your parents want to protect you from the possibilities that may happen
and at the age of 16
ALL NIGHT is way too much to ask for.

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nothing good happens after 10pm =))?
aw get a grip fuck , yous all make me laugh tbh ;s.
the 20 year old? your mum + dad dont even control you at that age so wtf you doing waisting your life away pmsl :-j ?
im 14 and do whatever the fuck I want cause tbh I don't care what I get caught for because everyone either drinks,smokes,sneaks out,and has sex at one point in their life so it shouldn't be much of a shock to them when they find out, and if they say your grounded; tell them to get a grip and walk out and refuse to come back? , always works! never been grounded once in my life (: and I got caught drinking 5 days in a row =)).

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Or, you can hold a party at your house with parents minimal supervision (out of respect) a few times and show them how responsible you are (clean up, make sure everyone is happy). Mention that you plan to do post-secondary education and you want to know your limit and be safe. Be honest with your parents (tell them there will be drinks and you might have a few). You live, you learn. 8)

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say your at a sleep pver any way hiya im steve my msn is:

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well... im 16 and it took a lot of proving and compromises to be allowed out all night. as long as they know im safe, they dont mind. for some things, like going over to a guys house on my own where its just the two of us, I still lie about and say theres a sleepover :) the classic. other times where im going to a house party, as long as I know the person and my parents trust them (or I've led them to believe me that they can trust them) they let me go. just convince them to let you go out for a bit later once, and if you prove them wrong by doing what they say and being trustworthy, they might let you do it again. just build up their trust and eventually (but be patient) they will let you stay out longer. dont expect to actually stay out all night... I normally just stay out for ages then crash at a mates house.. I've only once done an all-nighter.

hope this helps!

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I think you'll just have to wait till you're a little older. Or lie and say you're staying the night somewhere, but come on- you're only 16, your parents would be out of their minds if they let you party KNOWINGLY

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a friends "legit" parent doesnt work.
I've been there,. eventually it will catch up to you.
but it works a couple times,
but I was a fuckin idiot about it and took it way too far,
to the point where my friends parent was checking me out of
school 5 times a week and sometime I wouldnt even go.
and she would call the school for me and say I was sick, but then I almost
got sarbed and I had a parent teacher conference and it all caught up.

now,,, im not allowed to accociate with those people.
and my mom almost beat the shit outa my friends mom.

so use the exuse a couple times but dont get to comfortable.

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Maybe cause I am 17 I understand what your sayin. You worded it wrong though. Obviously parents forgot what its like to be young cause everyone knows its impossible for kids not to drink and do drugs unless they truly dont want to. I dont do drugs though so dont get the wrong impression. Parents need to see that sitting in the house lisening to their conversations (which is rarely what you want to talk about) about politics or how there job is going isnt interesting. Getting mad at us for every little thing isnt right either. And 99.9% of parents do this. And the funny thing is when you get to my age you just want to start picking out how boring and annoying they are.Dont get me wong I want a parent not a friend but its up to you how you want to treat us I guess. After all "im living in your house so I have to obey your rules". Which basically means I am to stubborn to continue this conversion and I want it to end quickly. Well theres a long lesson to be learned for you parents. :)

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Im having the same prblem to but im 18! And my parents still want to talk to my friends parents to make sure that I'm really going there. What should I do next? I really cant have my friends parents call my parents it will never work!

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I am not trying to sound like a parent here, but judging by your user name, wild and crazy dancer..I actually don't blame your parents for not trusting you...I mean you are sixteen years old..that's barely old enough to drive...and parents were young too..ask them sometime about when they were sixteen..sure, they'll deny drinking and having sex and using drugs..but you're only young once! Try and explain that you feel you're old enough to make your own choices (right or wrong) and that you can live with consequences that sometimes do happen at parties. Best of luck!! =)

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Knowing what you know right now - would you let your 16 yr old Daughter go where others are drinking/possible drugs/possible short, a lot of evil is going on all around - there's a saying "if you lie around with dirty dogs, you WILL get fleas" - it's not you, it's that environment, obviously they love and care for you deeply and don't want to see you hurt !...count your blessings - Great Parents !

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I highly recomend proving to your parents that you are responsable and capable of making good decisions. I would also bring trusted friends whose parents know where they are going with you. Im 18 and an eagle scout so im trusted everywhere. You are 16 and a girl so it will be harder for you. Just talk with your parents and have a close group of friends that will have your back.

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Well I juss say im going to stay the nite at a frends house. She is almost 17 and I am almost 16. So since she can drive we go to a party pretty much every saturday. and we both always end up drinking so we just stay there all night. Then in the morning we leave and go back to her house. at the party though no one usually leaves til between 2am-4am. then some of the same people stay until morning. we are never actually done partying til about 5 tho. lol.

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I thought it was strange for a minute that FUNADVICE would offer advice on "How to LIE to your parents & get away with it" until I remembered her question that brought me to this site to begin with.

Good parents (the kind that care) do not let their children run amok at all hours of the night!

Party is not a verb.

You know, I just realized that I don't care. You are not my children ... you are not my friends ... you a strangers in a strange land ... but, you know, it's always the stranger doing something stupid (such as drinking & driving) that kills innocent people every day.

So I guess I do care. Nothing good happens after 10PM.

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You can't - what kind of irresponsible parent would let their 16-year-old party all night?

A promise doesn't mean anything - once you leave the house, you have the freedom to do so much.

These are the types of things you don't need parenthood to teach you.

Use your common sense.

Would you send your 16-year-old to a party where there is possible alcohol, drugs, and sex?

Wow... I can't believe how "out of it" parents are now, that they're letting their teenagers pierce themselves all over, stay out very late, and drink.

These immature and irresponsible acts are found mostly in the US - have you noticed that? -.-

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what I do is, say im sleeping at a friend's house.
or a couple times I todl them I was going to a friend's cottage for the whole weekend, that way I got the whole weekend to party and do shit all. it was pretty awesome.

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You're a child, not even out of highschool. Now, I live in LA so I am not shy to the club/party scene, but what goes on at clubs/parties is baffling. Fourteen year olds on ecstasy, drunk minors, sex in the bathroom. There is a REASON you are being protected.

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im 14 and my parents let me out to go clubbing at night, this only happened after I got caught sneaking back into my house at 6 am.
maybe you should get caught too lol. and tell them you're going to do it anyway and its just the person you are but youd rather have them know that youre out than them being totally unaware. worked for me! and my parents are the strictest shits ever, half a year ago I couldnt even go out to a shopping mall in the day time without my mom being there. ugh. haha

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do what I did. explain to your parents that you could do what most people do & sneak out or pretend to stay at a friends house, but you would much rather be honest with them & tell them exactly where youre going & who youre going to be with. theyll respect your honestly & be more leinent about letting you do things. also, accept whatever time they give you to be home. then each time you go out just remind them that you came home safely last time & that a half an hour isnt going to do much difference. eventually youll get to be home at the time you want.

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my parents call parents, so I cant say im at ___ house cause they wanna talk to parents and cant say im somewhere watching a movie cause they still need to talk to parents. im not allowed to drive around either so here is what I use:
*go eat and then go to the late show letting you home at 12:45.
*going to the rock climbing gym
*going to the rodeo
*going out to eat then to starbucks
*going to a pool hall
*going to the mall, then eat, then movies
*going to see your grandparents, go see them, then say you have to get something from a friends house and when you take forever say yours friends mom wouldn't shut up.
*going to the canyon/lake (if there is one by you)
*teen clubs
*playing football with your guy friends
*If your in a cheer gym or gymnastics say their having "fun friday/saturday" and say it ends at 10 and your staying after to help clean.

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IM 16.. And my parents do care.. but we made an agreement that I could drink or 'party' once a week as long as I helped around the house, done the shopping etc. I've stuck to the deal and now I always have a great weekend. if this wont work, I'd say I was satying with a mate lol. or you could really just Deal With It lol.. wait till your 18 maybe ?

lotta mixed answers ^^ haha ;-) just wanted to help :-)

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I completely understand how you feel, since I am already 20 and yet my parents do not let me stay out all night. Although 16 is slightly young, I still feel that you should be let out. Beyond reasoning with them, proving to them that you are responsible (won't drink too much etc), up to a certain point you simply can't change the way your parents will feel about this issue. Yes, seriously I wonder if my parents ever had a life...

I think your best option would be to lie to them about what you are doing. The sleep-over excuse usually works very well, or tell them you are going to a birthday party of a close friends so you can't miss it.

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I'm having the same problem. I'm 14, but very mature and responsible. I've never come home drunk and haven't gotten pregnant. I have lots of friends who are 16 and 17 and some of them can stay out all night, but I need to be home by midnight on weekends. It sucks.

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My parents do the same thing. They always tell me I can;t go out. Why would you think about asking to go party, ask them if you can go to whoever house it is. And that you'll be home in the morning.

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im 14 and my parents let me out to go clubbing at night, this only happened after I got caught sneaking back into my house at 6 am.
maybe you should get caught too lol. and tell them you're going to do it anyway and its just the person you are but youd rather have them know that youre out than them being totally unaware. worked for me! and my parents are the strictest shits ever, half a year ago I couldnt even go out to a shopping mall in the day time without my mom being there. ugh. haha

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Unless your parents dont care what so ever about you. Did you say your 16yrs? Come on now. really?
Now when you say "party" a parents mind automatic goes back to what that meant to them and about 70% of grown adults will even tell you that they are surprised they are still alive.
My rule with my 14yr old daughter is this: before she even begins to ask, she should have where, times, contact number, ect for me to even consider it. becasue as a parent we need that piece mind. Think as your mom would and then you will know how to ask her. very easy.
Risk getting into trouble and being grounded if you go behind her back or ask and if she no then you have 2 years left with a life time to "party" and when she see that you canbe trusted thenmaybe she will give just a hence.

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Wow, to think that you may feel crazy for NOT going out? I think you need to reevaluate your priorties. The response you recieved about lying to your parents? Well, that is one surefire way to prove you are still too immature. Even on an adult, going out all night is a stress on the body - yes - even without drinking. Your growing body needs rest, your mind needs rest. Take up a hobby, be the best in your school about something, grades, crafts, dancing, sports, whatever. Life is too short to think that you need to go out and party at 16. Too many underage kids find themselves in trouble, in the ER, or the morgue. Your parents are trying to protect you, as they are legally, morally, ethically, and emotionally responsible for yor little keester. Have some self respect, and look else where for your fun, why follow the in crowd, be your own person, do volunteer work or something. You will find greater satisfaction in llife that way, and you will not miss partying.

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well...LOTSA LUCK KIDDO!!! Trust me...LIFE will NOT END!!!

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just leave without permission..whats the worst they can do to you?? its not like theyre going to beat you with a belt..if your to scared to do that then your just a weenie...or just do good in school and everywhere else..listen to them when they tell you to do stuff without complaining...cook once in a while and do chores around the house...simple stuff like that will add up and sooner or later theyll have to let you go out..

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You can't.. From your avatar I gather that your a girl, and no father worth having will tell his 16 year old daughter to go out and party all night. You say you don't drink but is that really true? Alcohol, sex, and drugs are the only three things for kids to be doing at a party, so trying to convince your dad otherwise probably won't happen, he has been there/done that and probably has some very hazy, fond memories of getting loaded and plowing some other guy's 16 year old daughter when he was your age. We all do.

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I think the person above made a good point. Try and do other things that will make them trust you for example, during the day get back at the time you said you would. Keep up with school work and just generally be responsible. Hopefully this will make them trust you more, and they will be more willing to let you out later at night. Im 13 and in greece where they let 5 year olds drink, there are dodgy greek men and people bring drugs they let me out until 3 o'clock. And im not even responsible :) Tell them that.

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im 14 and my parents let me out to go clubbing at night, this only happened after I got caught sneaking back into my house at 6 am.
maybe you should get caught too lol. and tell them you're going to do it anyway and its just the person you are but youd rather have them know that youre out than them being totally unaware. worked for me! and my parents are the strictest shits ever, half a year ago I couldnt even go out to a shopping mall in the day time without my mom being there. ugh. haha

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if you was born in 1990 that makes you 18 right...??

I dont no where you live but if you liked in england then you would be alound to drink and go clubbing without your parents consent. xx

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Trust me I am 19, parting is not all as it suppose to be . you don"t need to stay out all night ,you sixteen on the weekend 12:00 is good enough for you ,think as it like this , I bet most girls your age can"t even go out to a party right or wrong . So just be glad you get to go out at all , because a lot girl when I was 16 couldn"t go out at all . So just consdier your as lucky

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im 15 and my mom lets me party, as long as my older brother is there because i've had 2 guys try and get me to have sex with them and thank god my older bro was there or i probly woulda been raped, have somebody your parents trust go with you, and the 20 year old just needs to move out of her parents house if she doesnt like their rules instead of complaining and mooching offa them.


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Haha. Oh how I miss the teenage dilenma's. Sucks being a teenager. I recently turned 18 so I can do whatever I want. Just want till your 18 then you can do whatever you want :) It's way more easier that way.

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