What are some good games for an all girls party?

Me and my bfff are trowing a party (all gals) what are some good games

Answer #1

Truth or dare Hide and Seek in the dark- ok if you have a basement or something you can turn off the lights and give one person ONE flashlight. then that person has to look for people in the dark. it is SO FUN. you don’t even have to do it at night unless you have no basement. makeovers? that Light as a feather, stiff as a board thing (I;ve never done this but I heard of it) if its a party during the day, you HAVE to have water balloon fights. they are the best. or those egg toss games where you toss an egg until it breaks. haha those are stupid but oddly entertaining.

this website has a lot of good ideas too : http://www.partyplan.co.uk/asp/GameList_075.asp

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