anyone know any good drinkin games??

well as you know I’ve asked bawt games and that for my house party

I need to know if anyone knows any good drinkin games?

Answer #1

drinkins lame

Answer #2

well, I’ve known guys to play this one: “Have you ever…?” it’s where you ask a ? starting with those words, and whoever has done that, takes a gulp of beer. it’s fun because you can make up some pretty weird ?’s and find out stuff they’ve done.

Answer #3

everyone takes off their clothes till their just in bra & undies or whatever, and you have to take a shot to get an item of clothing back on. you sit in a circle btw and take turns lol. its a good party starter. because it starts the laughs and gives everyone an excuse to take a few shots. let me know what you end up doing!

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