Is Paris Hilton dead?

Answer #1


Answer #2

oh well i read something online

Answer #3

I seriously doubt it. If she was… everyone and their grandmother would know. & I haven’t heard anything.

Answer #4

The Internet has a lot of info that is not true.

Answer #5

Paris is still alive and well.

Answer #6

Doubt it. There’s always rumors about celebrities being dead, they’re usually not true.

Answer #7

No she is not.

Answer #8

Seeing as she just tweeted 18 minutes ago.

Answer #9

That is true, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks

Answer #10

Thank you

Answer #11

Lol nope.

Answer #12

Is she was everyone and anyone would know!!! lol Even people without t.vs ha

Answer #13

haha thanks!

Answer #14

hehehe…what a question. But no… she is still alive and doing nothing with her life! :-)

Answer #15

oh my gosh! I had a dream I was at a party with her, and she was drunk and dancing all over the place. Haha, dreams are weird!

Answer #16

Nope. Alive and kicking.

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