Would it be possible for my parents to set up a wifi network where if I connected they would be able to see what I was doing?

My parents got a new wifi thingy and they say it’s faster…but I’m still worried that maybe it’s just a scam for them to be able to see what I’m doing =/ would it be possible for them to do that?

Answer #1

If they’re hackers. But if they wanted to see what you were doing it would be as simple as installing a program on your computer. They wouldnt have to resort to all that other random stuff.

Answer #2

Yes. How tech savvy are your parents?

You can get around it by using some kind of proxy server. (Google it). Also now is the time to wrap your head around wifi routers. Know its password! Know how to configure it! Be curious and protect yourself.

Of course as a tech parent, anything my kid will do I can snoop, but I won’t. Well, maybe when she’s 13 and start to frequent funadvice :-)

Answer #3

They aren’t that good with technology…I feel like they probably wouldn’t be able to set something like that up by themselves, but they would be able to with help =/ (I don’t know why they wouldn’t just check my history if they wanted to see what I was doing [maybe they know I delete my history]) I do know it’s password, but what do you mean by configuring it? I looked up proxy server and it seems friggin complicated D:

Answer #4

Well, now is the time to learn @conner. If you want to protect yourself that is. I’ve pointed you in the right direction. Be like a bloodhound when you’re googling stuff.

By that I mean, don’t stop until you find the answer. Read, read, read.

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