Paranormal investigator

Okay well I’m really into paranormal things like all the shows ghost hunters, paranormal state the whole 9 yards well I kinda would like to join a paranormal society or have a career as being a paranormal investigator so would you just join a paranormal society or is there like an actual school to do this?

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thanks :)

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that’d be a real snazzy job. I know some schools offer courses on it, but it’s rare. I believe pittsburgh offers one. research the courses on google, and see what colleges come up.

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Toronto Ghost and Haunting Society

Paranormal Investigator

Start Ghost Hunting

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I dont think theirs a school, you just have to know how to use the equipment and stuff, my mom LOVES ghosthunters so she bought tickets for this thing and we got to meet all of them and she got to go ghost hunting with them, they’re super nice, haha

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