Guy be a heavy metal headbanging junky and listen to paramore?

Can a guy be a heavy metal headbanging junky and listen to paramore.
I mean haily williems is sooo hot. And her singing.mmm mmm mmm.

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Haha Yeahh everyone is right:]
You can listen to whateverrr you want,,
Dont think about what other people will think.
Its not weird at all.
And I don't like paramore,,
but Haily is HOT. haha:]

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haha you can listen to whatever you want.

Who cares if its not what you normally listen to? If you like it, you go ahead and listen to it xD

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all of the above, don't wedge yourself into one genre.
I once bought a slayer cd and a belinda carlisle cd at the same time- totally freaked the checkout girl out.
every form of music has something to offer, a lot of our "heavy metal" musicians have studied "classical" music.
listen to whatever you like, it helps make you a more knowledgeable person.

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haaa...yeah.. ithink its 100%okay...
cause I do that too..
I listen to paramore and silverstein

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u can listn 2wateva tha fck ya wanttt. =]

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sure you can! you can like different types of music, ya know!

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yes it makes a little sense

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haha yeah you can

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I like to consider myself a metal junkie but I listen to other types of music too lol

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