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I need some good heavy metal pump up songs.

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some Lamb of God is good, nothing get me pumped like the opening of Master of Puppets by Metallica...Slipknot rocks as well..

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Avenged Sevenfold.
Motley Crue.
Escape the Fate.
My coach made us listen to 3 days grace and Disturbed so I am pretty familiar with listening to them while practicing throws at sophball.

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I agree depends on what your looking 4.

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anyone song by Static X always gets you moving. or check out some killswitch engage

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Look up some Escape the Fate and Slipknot songs,both heavy and awesome.

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Winds of plague, slipknot, trivium, children of bodom, avenged sevenfold, or some good ole METALLICA!!!

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escape the fate!!!

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Yes I agree with Slipknot.

Especially "Before I Forget"


"Jump da F*ck Up"

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