Painless ear piercing

What do you do to pierce your ear painlessly

Answer #1

haha you can do it urself don’t listen to these dumbasses I’ve peirced mine like 10 my self so its all good

Answer #2

I didnt think it hurt when I had mine done, but I didnt get mine done with a gun, mine where done with a hollow needle in a tattoo shop. hollow needles are less painful and when professionally done cause less damage than the gun does. especially if you want your cartilage pierced, guns are a terrible idea because they can shatter the cartilage and cause keloids.

Answer #3

you shouldn’t be an idiot and pierce it yourself and if you cant be bothered to get a hole in your flesh professionally pierced you shouldn’t be getting one AT ALL a piercing is a wound and there’s a lot more to piercing than just stabbing yourself with a needle

Answer #4

it doesn’t hurt anyway. but you could use ice. if you’re planning to do it to yourself, first put the needle in a flame to clean it, hold ice on your ear for a minute and then put an apple at the back of your ear. but I seriously suggest you get it done professionally.

Answer #5

Ahh don’t pierce it yaself lol. If it’s your top ear, you should have it done professionally with a needle. If it’s the regular ear piercin, just get it done with a gun or needle, doesn’t matta

Answer #6

Yeah, ice does not sound like a bad idea. But the pain only lasts a few seconds.

Answer #7

Don’t do it yourself. That’s just stupid. Go to a PROFESSIONAL. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Answer #8

it doesnt even hurt in the first place but I guess you could numb it with ice?

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