What painkiller can i take to fix this?

I have been getting really bad headaches lately. They literally pound, they never seem to go away. Had them for about 5 days now.
I get real lightheaded and i go quite dizzy a bit aswell.

Will a panadol or simple painkiller fix all these issues?

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Try taking a panadol then resting for an hour. If medication doesn't work with your body well then try some home remedies that can help ease the pain. A few are; deep breathing; it eases the tension on your headache and gives a relief. Drink a teaspoon of honey in a cup filled with warm water. Mix a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in water and put it on your head. It's beneficial because your head then becomes exposed to cold air.
If you think it is as bad as a migraine drink some ripe grape juice. It really helps.
There's also a finger trick you could try to ease the headache. There is a pressure point between your thumb and index finger, pressing in the space in between will help make your head feel better.
Try to figure out where they're coming from. It could be from your neck muscles. Get a massage on your neck muscles, down to the start of your spine. Try applying pressure and massaging your temples and jaw area. If this eases the pain, continue doing it for about 8 minutes. Hope you feel well soon. Check out a doctor if things get too bad.

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Nurofen plus will do the job, or take like 4 normal ibuprofen tablets. But do you know what's causing them? Have you been sleeping properly, and eating? If it's lack of sleep then getting some rest will make you feel better, and if it's a food issue then try and eat properly. A lack of food starves not only your stomach but everything else, and your head would feel the effects of that too. I hope you feel better soon :)

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Being malnourished will cause you to have headaches like that and the only thing that will fix it is ...eating.... Ever think that your ED might do more harm than simply making you skinnier? No painkiller will fix this - it's your body's way of telling you that you've gone too far.

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I don't have an eating disorder! But thanks for the advice!

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No? Then explain this:

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Get a massage, this can work out tension in your neck, and back, this always helps me.

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If you have an unusually long or unusually painful headachel you should see a doctor. Chances are it is just a bad headache but there is the possibility that it is a symptom of another serious health problem such as cancer or an aneurysm.

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I agree with Colleen, and obviously...you do have an eating disorder. You said yourself you had been diagnosed with one.

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taking medication for migraines is not a smart idea, and they are not an answer for the long run , as ichi (colleen :D) pointed out malnutrition is probably the reason you are having migraines (its not a headache if it lasts all day btw)
medication will give you more side effects, it was never created for such cases so STAY AWAY OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES

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You need to eat more, based on what I've read from these other comments and your profile, you need food. Thats the only way to fix your headaches. There are no over the counter pain killers that will fix your headaches. Food is the only cure.

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People tell me I do! But I do not believe it at all! I'm fine! :)

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