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So I recently f**ked up my shoulder at work and im going to the doctors tomarrow to get some painkillers, the only problem is that I've had a history of becoming highly addicted to prescription painkillers. I end up taking about 6 at a time and im doped up all the time. Does anyone know any non opiated painkillers?

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You HAVE to tell the doctor of your addiction so he can help you.
Are you in the program?
Do you have a sponsor? If you do give him a call.

If you are afraid of losing your job, ask the doctor exactly how much confidentiality you have from him talking to your work place. If the doctor is not the work's own doctor, you probably have good confidentiality as far as discussions go.
If you have to go on opiates, make sure you join a NA group so you can have help to get off them after you are through.
If you have to go on them, you may need a sponsor to help control your jonesing. Make those decisions now, before starting on painkillers, because
YOU KNOW that after you start, the addict in you will take control.

Good Luck!!

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