How do the paid survey jobs work?

Ok well im looking for a new job and extra money and I always get emails in my college email address(I don’t give that out) about getting paid to take surveys. How does that work? Is it safe? Are there any risks involved in it? I hope someone can help me here

Answer #1

Most of those are complete scams. Seriously.

Imagine a company: what is so valuable that they can make a profit on…where they would just have somebody sit there and make stuff up in an online form? :)

Answer #2

There’s only one survey place I currently use, and they do pay $5 for each survey you complete. So far I’ve received four $5 checks, and now that I’ve switch to paypal, one $5 deposit there. That place is called Pinecone Research.

As for how much you’d make there.. they give you one or two surveys a month. So.. while you do get paid, it’s not an awful lot. It does add up within time, but if you’re hard struck for money, your best bet would be to keep looking for a job. That way you have guaranteed income, and you don’t have to put up with a fuss and waste time with scam companies.

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