Owwch...my legs =[

okee…so every night lately I get these leg cramps. It wakes me up, it’ll get all tight for a few minutes and it makes me cry some times. Then it will be sore the next day. Seriously, why? Whats causing that??? any one know? Please I dont even want to go to sleep! =[

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I play basketball- I stretch ALL the TIME! as far as keeping warm- I CAN’T sleep with blankets or I’ll get too warm

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yes actually..

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I had the same thing happens to me it seams to be worst when my body is in demand like my period or pregnacy I would always wake up screaming. every one would tell me rub it but it freaking hurtand it basicly left me riding the pain out..so I found out by acident to sleep light and my charliehorces start light then go to a peak of pain then die down, so soon as I would feel it start I would jump up lighting fast and walk around using the leg. it seams kinda crazy to be in a dead sleep and just wake up limping around but it would stop them dead in its traks also make sure you drink water and eat bannas

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Hope this helps:

Leg cramps are mainly caused by a contraction of an already shortened muscle. So, contracting the leg further may cause the muscle to go into spasm. It happens frequently during sleep. The regular sleep position, we rest with the knees slightly flexed, and with feet pointing slightly downwards. So, the tension by shortening the calf muscle makes it susceptible to cramps. This theory explains why maintaining a correct posture could avoid this problem and stretching exercises may relieve the pain.

Relieving Leg Cramps

When you have a leg cramp, the first things you should do to relieve the pain is to:

• Walk on the wounded leg

• Massage the muscle gently

• Maintain your leg straight and flex it toward your knee until you feel the calf muscles stretch

• Put some ice on the affected muscle

For most people, these tips would be very effective for relieving leg cramps. In some rare cases, these tips don’t work and the pain becomes uncontrollable. In this situation medical help is recommended.

Avoiding leg cramps

The most important thing you should do to avoid leg cramps is to prevent them. So, the first step to take is to maintain a correct posture of the legs during sleep. You should try a pillow that keeps your leg correctly aligned depending on the way you prefer to sleep. If you sleep on your back, you should maintain your feet in a higher level than the bed. If you sleep on your side you should use a pillow to maintain your legs slightly apart, so the leg you’re lying on doesn’t receive all the pressure of the other one’s weight.

Nowadays, many doctors recommend using orthopedic pillows because they are especially designed to maintain a correct position of the leg and feet. By doing so, you will be able to live free of pain when you wake up and you will get up with a much better mood for a new day.

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well first off youd be best to see a doctor about this tell him/her when it happens, what if feels like ect and they should be able to help you a lot more offer advice and maybe some medicine or cream, ect all I can think of is that you might be sleeping wrong, in a way that puts pressure on your legs and makes them cramp or if you exerscise a lot before bed and dont stretch afterwards other than that though, its best to see a doctor

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Here is a real easy trick to help solve the cramp problem in your legs. It sounds totally stupid, but don’t overlook it. It “does” work.

Simply place a new bar of soap in the bed near your legs when you sleep. It is a cheap and very effective method to stop leg cramps at night.


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oh, I think I use to get that, Id wake up screaming, It literally feels like you muscles are all twisted up! Try doing stretches before bed, make sure your circulation is going. and make sure your’e sleeping in a position where blood can reach your legs. also, make sure that your legs keep warm throughout the night, you dont want your muscles cold and tensed so wear something that’ll cover your legs And maybe massage you legs in warm water before bed.

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