How do I add someone?

How do I add someone?

Answer #1

You can’t until you confirm your email…

Answer #2

It would be in your email…check the junk mail.

If you used a fake email address, you won’t be able to activate your account.

Answer #3

its not a fake e-mail address, and I did check theres nothing by my junk e-mail…:-(

Answer #4

there is nothing at the bottom of the photo…I dont recieve the code thing on my phone what must I do???

Answer #5

You’re using FunAdvice on a cellphone?

Answer #6

I dont see it please help

Answer #7

When you go to their profile, you will see a link under their photo: “Add me as a friend”

Click on it.

Answer #8

Ok, if you click on my picture it will take you to my profile.

You will see the picture on my profile too. Right under my picture it says “Add me as a friend”…you won’t see this on your own profile because you can’t add yourself as a friend - you only see it on other people’s profiles.

Answer #9

no it says I have to activate my account but I dont recieve the activaton code…

Answer #10

you go to someones profile, then, under their pic., there is something that says “add me as friend”. you click that and it either says you are their friend or they have to accept it. you accept it by getting some funmail that says “this person wants to be your friend” and then you open the mail and click the link that say to accept it, unless you don’t want to be their friend, you would then click the link that is to decline their request. to take someone off your friends list, you go to their profile and click the thing under their pic. that says “take me off friends list.” hope this helps!!! bye!

Answer #11

There is no thing that says ‘’add me as friend’’. please help me I really want to add my friend but I dont know how? :’(

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