15, and im 5 4" and I weight 140, am I overweight?

I am 15, and im 5 4” and I weight 140. Am I overweight?

Answer #1

just a little. but, not much.you should be around 115 - 125.

Answer #2

may be you r little over wt.I m also 5.4” weighing 125. I m perfect in boob size bt hv a big belly which I m really trying to loose.

Answer #3

you are not over weight because I was 15 and my hight was 5 4” and wighed 145 and I was never told I was over weight and + my doctors told me I was healthy

Answer #4

not too much. im 5’6’’ 105.. but im just a small person

Answer #5

it depends.. I’m 5’4” and 135lbs just turned 16.. but I have the perfect shaped body.. I think and so do others.. but it’s not all at my stomach area.. it’s at my boobs and butt… some are at the thighs too… I feel weird saying that O.o but it’s true.. it really just depends on where it’s all at.

Answer #6

Well if you’re really toned I don’t think you’re overweight, but if you feel that you’re a little heavier than you like do something about it. Exercise and eat better or smaller potions if you want to lose weight. Either way it doesn’t really matter what I or anyone else thinks, because if you’re comfortable in your own skin that’s all you need to be worried about. And honey pleases don’t be one of those girls that go crazy and stop eating because of someone saying something about your weight, I would really hate that for you and any other person. But just go look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself am I fat and anserw that quetstion. If you think yes do something about it and if you think know, just be happy the way you are!!

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