My friend tried to overdose on advil, is that possible?

so my friend told me she tried over dosing on advil... how much does it actually take to do that?
and myother friend said its impossible to overdose on anti-depressants... is that true?

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I have no clue but you relly shouldnt be friends with them they can get you started then you can posably die I had a best friend that I knew since grade school that died of over dose

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no you can overdose on ANYTHING it depense on how much you weight and your age if you or a small person and young you body dosnt have a hight tolorance for stuff like that

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advil is an anti depresant? hmmm...didnt no that

I don't know if you can od on advil that seems really stupid to try to...

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In rats the LD50 dose (the amount that kills 50% of rats) is 636 mg/kg.

Since we don't know the human LD50 amount assume ibuprofen is about as toxic in humans as it is in rats (in reality it could be more or less toxic).

For a 70 kg (154 lb) person the LD50 dose would be 44520mg or 223 200mg tablets. One would probably have to take a lot of tablets before it is likely to kill you.

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Advil is not an antidepressant
Yes you can overdose on antidepressants (and yes advil too)
However, overdosing is messy (all that vomiting), unpleasant (it is painful), and doesn't have the best success rates...
How much you need to take depends on how much you weigh, whether or not you've eaten, and whether or not you have tolerance to the medication... its a lot of pills though...
Also, even if she didn't die she could have seriously damaged her liver... she should get that checked out

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hmm. Over dosing on advil would be taking more than 4. Usually you're not supposed to exceed like 1600 mg per day ( I know this because I took advil for my period cramps). As for it being impossible to overdose on anti-depressants...Did you not know that Heath Ledger died that way? Well actually he mixed perscriptions but you can overdose on any perscription drugs, thats why you can never get them over the counter, probably even more dangerous than overdosing on advil...

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