Ouija do you believe it works?

do you believe it works? is it bad?

Answer #1

Recomendation though, never EVER have it blessed by anyone.

Answer #2

I don’t know.I’ve been told it does.

Answer #3

They work in the sense that your subconscious makes them say what you want them to say. It’s just cardboard.

Answer #4

I believe ouijiboards work, but I think it really depends if EVERYONE belives. Watch “over her dead body” <– it’s about ghosts and a telepathic woman and a guy’s wife died and she can see her even though she is a ghost, it’s amazing.

It really depends if it is bad or not, some can bring ghosts into your house and or some might just do nothing, but it dpeneds if you believe in them or not.

Answer #5

as long as you believe in only GOOD spirits. and always ask for there permission. b nice. think before you speak. and ak not tell. when you are talking or asking things. if it starts going haywire thats a sign they are upset then you need to apoligize and give them a break.

Answer #6

my aunt used it and my moyher kept her away from us because my aunt would communicate with the spirits and tell them to move stuff around and they would actually do it!!! im not lying my mother thought she was crazy at first but then this startted happening

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