What OS do you guys use?

Answer #1

Windows XP Pro .

Answer #2

Windows 7

Answer #3

Windows 7? Wait, what does that mean? Haha, sorry.

Answer #4

its an operating system.

Answer #5

Oh, so Windows 7 Home Premium. :D

Answer #6


Answer #7

Windows XP home edition. Its the best OS ever… well ubuntu is awsome too xx

Answer #8

windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Answer #9

oh dear lol

Answer #10


Answer #11

Nunya Beezwax!

Answer #12

I’m using Windows 7.. its best and most user friendly…. I use Linux Kubuntu too… its aan open source high performence operating system built on linux kernel…. As it is didtributed free of cost I tried using it….It can compete all other windows operating systems….. It has won my heart…..

Answer #13

I use Windows XP Pro, i also like to use Ubantu and Feora which are linux open source OS’

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