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How to organize a successful Harvest Festival?

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I am an 18 year old girl and I want to organize a harvest festival at my church to help raise money for a youth group trip this winter. We need a total of $2800.00. and we already have raised $1042.00 so we are a little under halfway there. we have a "Wendy's GeTogether Fundraiser" set up to take place in about 3 weeks and I think a successful Harvest Festival will get us all the way to our goal! I have a ton of ideas such as $1.00 hay rides (we have trailers and hay available), country store, open bid basket auction, fall themed bake sale, kiddie games (ring a pop, duck pond, fishing over a sheet face painting) And for those I wanted to sell tickets and charge 1 ticket per game. I also thought of having a pumpkin painting station for younger kids and a pumpkin carving station for 13 and up? Possibly charging 2 tickets? I would like to serve a spaghetti dinner that comes with spaghetti, small salad, garlic bread, and a drink, and a dessert. How much should I charge for that? And the last big idea I had, was to have our church praise band play and sorta be live entertainment. NOTE This will be an indoor-outdoor event. eating and store most likely inside and games entertainment outside? Maybe. I'm not sure on all of that yet. Just give me ideas on how to make a profit, and make it fun for everyone. Thanks!