What are my options if I have a dress with no back, but I don't want to go braless?

I brought a dress with a woven see-through back without thinking that I can’t really wear a bra with it. Are there any more options except for those stick-on cups? I’ve tried them and they don’t really work for me… I’ll post a pic of the dress soon….

Answer #1

You can wear a strapless bra, the type that like hugs your breasts. Or, you could wear a bra and just put on a coat. Easy fix. :]

Answer #2

Don’t they sell some sort of clear straps, as well as clear backs to the bras?

Answer #3

Sticky bras, they basically stick onto you but still give you some support.

Answer #4

She mentioned those don’t really work for her. Sticky cups, sticky bras. Same thing. :]

Answer #5

Oh oops I didnt read the description.

Answer #6

This is the dress’ back:

Answer #7

Oh oops I didnt read the description.

Answer #8

Oooh yes good idea I’ll check them out!

Answer #9

You could wear a regular bra, and use those clip things that hold the straps together so you can’t see them on your shoulders.

Answer #10

No problem. :)

Answer #11

I still don’t really want much of the bra showing at all. I think I’ll check out those clear straps that Angel suggested.

Answer #12

there are bras you can wear, some of them have clear back straps and a clear strap that goes around your back, its still a little noticable, but allows you to ear a normal bra, there the stick on ones, theres ones that stay up like halter bra and have a very low starp that goes around your back, bras tht only have straps going around your shoulders and no back at all, brs with straps that can be worm lots of dfferent ways…just go into a good lingerie or bra store, they should have a small selecion of different options you can try

Answer #13

You could use the clip things on the clear straps as well, to make it even less noticeable. :D

Answer #14

there are strapless bras and just cups

Answer #15

Wearing bras with strapless / backless things is more and more popular now. I would just make sure that it is a bra that is a color that goes with the outfit. That is perfectly acceptable. There is also the strapless , tubetopish kind of things you can wear. It depends on your bra size, really.

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