Opinions on the new profile color schemes

Individualism is wonderful, but it seems to me to have been going a bit too far. Let me explain… Whenever I go to answer a question, I usually check the persons profile. Where they live, their age, and facts revealed in their earlier questions … all can change how a question should be answered. Lately I keep stumbling on profiles so garish that it’s like my eyeballs are being attacked. Very possibly, in this age of MySpace chaos, I’m just showing my age, BUT, I’m also not going to sit here and try and decipher profiles that make my eyeballs bleed. Am I alone? And yes, I sometimes am a crotchety old man. ;) OK. I’m done with my rant. Take care, and, as always Good Luck!!

Answer #1

Well hopefully within the next couple weeks, we’ll have the option to change the background on the boxes themselves…so the background won’t bleed into everything and kill your eyes anymore :)

Answer #2

Another thing we are considering is to enable “default view” of profiles, as I agree, some color schemes are atrocious.

Answer #3

The only thing that hurts my eyeballs is the bright colours - my profile is just totally random and I like how I got to eliminate some things. Except mine takes a bit to load because of the picture.

Answer #4

I know just what you mean, I once tried to read a profile with green writing and a grassy background…difficult task to say the least. Mine is bright pink but I like to think it’s okay to read :)

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