Why does my new profile take so long to load?

Well I was wondering…

Why does my profile take forever to load???

I mean it takes like a minute!


Answer #1

18 seconds, I think that’s a record. Try making sure the image is small.

And, we’ll be doing some improvements tomorrow (crossing fingers) that should help speed up the site.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Answer #2

Wow, that does take a while. I’m guessing it’s the background you’re using. Whats the image size of it? Try resizing it and see what happens.

Answer #3

Its not because of the comments because I got over 1000 and mine loads quick but others have the same prob and im not sure its kinda annoying huh lol but it could be to do with how much kb or mb your profile photo background thing is, im not to sure

Answer #4

It seem like everyones profile takes a long time to load.I’ve seen profile that take a long time to load because of varies things the main reasons usually is the background picture is too big or if it’s too many picture of there. And I saw your profile this past weekend when you were getting it together.And it looks really nice now.I like that you just changed the color a little bit but didn’t change the style.Most people don’t think about readability

Answer #5

not sure, maybe its something to do with the site?

Answer #6


But I’ve seen people with 1000 comments

&& it doesnt take long at all

Answer #7

Mine takes 2 sec. because it is plain vanilla. I have noticed that the profiles with all the fancy colors and rearranged look take a long time. I guess that’s the price you pay.

Answer #8

Maybe because you have almost 500 comments…

Answer #9

Mine takes 2 seconds and I do have a fancy shmancy background… its about 350 KB

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