What are your opinions on emos/goths?

What are your opinions on emos/goths?

Answer #1

No big deal to me, the only thing I really have a problem with is when people try to convert you into them, or make you believe what they do… I have a few “emo/goth” type friends, they’re no different than anyone else they’re just interested in other things… you have to admire some of there creativity though ; )

Answer #2

I love emos…and have some goth friends. The only thing I have against goths is they try to say emos stole their style…but all together I think they are just people and shouldnt be judged.

Answer #3

I think some people label themselves that way (and dress the part) to feel accepted. there is nothing wrong with any of it. you can be a gothic peg legged jewish hermaphrodite hunch backed necrophiliac and I would still be your friend (if we got along)

Answer #4

no one take this offesivly but I think they are wierd, dress ugly and are wierd. to me it doesnt really seem like they have a great social life and it would be the last thing I would ever consiter being. but thats just my opinon cause im like a full on prepp and stuff

Answer #5

Well both are labels, so really don’t have an opinion on either, its bad to label certain types of people because of the way dress, act or look… Its what hitler did with the jewish. Or anybody who didnt fit his description of a proper human. Everybody is unique and an individual, not a can of soup.

Answer #6

I think that they are very different and shouldn’t be grouped together (being goth myself).

I love the goth look when done in a way that suits the individual’s appearance (not everyone can pull off the industrial look, not everyone can pull off the victorian look, etc).

I like the emo look when it suits the person, though I would not do it myself.

What I don’t like is goths who get that “gother-than-thou” attitude. No matter how much you know about Siouxsie Sioux or how many Cure songs you have memorized, it will not make you any more goth.

In fact, I really dislike it when both emos and goths take themselves and their labels too seriously. Part of the goth thing is about knowing yourself and embodying yourself with your appearance, so you should be able to laugh at yourself as well.

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