which is better in your opinion waxing or threading your eyebrows?

for about 3 years ive been tweezing my eyebrows but its so much effort! my eyebrows grow back quickly. i was thinking about getting my eyebrows done professionally but i dont know which ones better and which lasts longer.

Answer #1

I dont think it makes a difference (in length of time), you’re pulling hair out by the root whether you wax or thread. Waxing can’t be fine tuned, so they will have to use tweezers as well as wax. I personally can’t stand threading, it hurts too much. But it’s up to you and your pain tolerance.

Answer #2

Well at my wife’s spa they do waxing, but I think Waxing or Tweezing will last the same amount of time. Both are pulling the hair out by the root.

Answer #3

Well the wax like used and my wife’s spa actually numbs the area as they pull your hair out. I have never wax before, but this is what my wife tells me.

Answer #4

I use twezzers but waxing lasts longer plus you get used to it but it still kinda hurts but not as bad as the first time and it’s only a second so that’s your choice =)

Answer #5

what i did was i got them profecionally waxed once now i tweeze any little ones that start to appear that way i also save money on it to

Answer #6

i was thinking about getting it done professionally because with tweezing sometimes i get tweeze some hairs there just so stubborn!

Answer #7

I was talking about threading hurting… the waxing is not too bad…

Answer #8

i personally think waxing is less painful… it’s quick, usually takes one or two swipes of the cloth, to get all the hair, and it really does not hurt after you get used to it. i tried threading once and it hurt like crazy… however, i do like the results of threading better. i think it’s better for your skin, too. after years of waxing, your skin can start to sag. threading is more precise and gives a really clean lined arch & grooming… also doesn’t put any chemicals on your skin or cause in-growns. it’s a personal preference, really.

Answer #9

I do both and I prefer waxing, but I know a lot of women that prefer threading, so it’s all about personal choice. Threading can give you the exact shape you want, so it’s good if you wear your hair back and have your eyebrows showing all of the time.

Answer #10

I would say just leave them alone!!

Answer #11

DEFINITELY waxing. Less painful, and threading makes it worse when they get caught in too many hairs at once, then it feels like they’re ripping the scalp off your head. Take that from years of experimenting! :)

Answer #12

threading.it lasts alot longer.

Answer #13

I like both. I have been getting my eyebrows waxed or threaded since I was ten, and now I dont experience any pain from either one! Threading is more precise, which is good.

Answer #14

IKR?! So irritating! Grr! Lolz ;D

Answer #15

i personally think waxing

Answer #16

Threading is better. You get a cleaner look and it lasts longer

Answer #17

To me waxing is less painful than threading

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