What are tips for getting my eyebrows waxed 4 1st time?

im getting my eyebrows waxed for the first time. im 14. um, dont try and convince me to thread or just pluck er whatever. no matter what you say, im getting them waxed. and even though im scared, I believe the outcome will be worth it, so im getting it done regardless. anyways, can you give me some tips like if I can possibly numb my eyebrows to reduce the pain, or maybe if I can at least do something so that it wont hurt AS MUCH. also, what other things can I do to keep the ingrown hair away and the redness. some after tips would be great. how to care for them afterwards and stuff. and what about the pain level? is it really as bad as some say? I’ve heard of peoples skin getting torn off and stuff before. reallly dont want that to happen. anyways, any tips would be great. kthanks :)

Answer #1

I get mine waxed too. It doesnt hurt me and I have sensitive skin. But here are some tips. afterward put some face moisurizer on the area. also DO NOT go anywhere immediatley after! my cousin did this and she looked like a tard. lol.

Answer #2

The first time I got mine waxed I was scared to death, but it didnt hurt at all. I remember my aunt laughing the whole way there because she was picturing my face when it hurt because it hurts her. It’s never hurt me when I get mine done, the most pain I feel is a little sting but it goes away real quick. My aunt breaks out though everytime she gets hers done. People are different with the way their skin reacts. And before you they start to wax they usualy put some lotion stuff on that calms the skin. They usualy do that before and after for me. Good luck and happy waxing. :D

Answer #3

im not trying to persuade you to get them threaded, but im just saying that getting them waxed is less accurate and that you get better shaping with threading. ( thats what my person said)

But beforehand just take some advil. When theyre doing it just close your eyes and hold onto something really tight it works! Then after to get the redness away put some milk on it, it should go away in like 30 minutes - hour (probably not that long)

When you get them waxed they dont grow back for a while because it takes it out from the roots so that wont be a big probelm

When a few hairs grow back, just pluck them untill a large amount comes back, then go get them redone:)

I hope I helped you, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Answer #4

haha same here don’t stress about it, it wont even hurt. Been there done that. it’ll go so fast you wont even feel it :]

Answer #5

really they dont hurt at all. like the first time I got them done I didnt even plan too my mom was like do you want to get them wax and I was like okay lol.. I wouldnt numb it , its not worth it and its just red after but it goes by quick so dont stress

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