What is your opinion on using lie detector in the process of investigation?

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Lie detectors tell you nothing really.. yeah they can be accurate, but not always. Some people can fool them and others could just be nervous because they know they're being tested.. it's relying on a machine to determine a person's fate, not good.

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I like the idea

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I don't like it. In my country they are almost never used, and IF they decide to use it, the suspect have to agree to it, and the results are not allowed to use as evidence at all.

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I like the idea as well. I think we should use them in our personal relationships as well.

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There is no such thing as a lie detector. There is a polygraph test that measures several physiological responses. We tend to have physical reactions to lying but detecting deceit from these responses is tricky and entirely subjective. I've met several people who's careers have been ruined because they volunteered to take a polygraph test to clear their name only to find out that they "failed" it. You have nothing to gain and everything to loose from taking a polygraph test; especially if you are innocent. Nobody should volunteer to take a polygraph test and it is foolish to work for companies that require them as a condition of employment. Employers and law enforcement may claim that declining to take a polygraph test itself is considered an admission of guilt but don't fall for it.

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I wouldn't use solely it to decide if a person went to jail or not, but it's a good back-up system.

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Lie detectors are not at all an accurate way to prove anything...People can train to beat those Lie detectors so yeah...I'm more for the investigate you own case STYLE...

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