One sided love

Ok well me and my x broke up like 3 months ago I didn’t want to but it was his choice and he said we could be friends and that it was just for a lil while well like 3 weeks or so ago he got mad at me for some weird reason and then stopped talking to me then I wrote him a massage I told him if he never wanted to speak to me again to just delete me off his messenger’s and sure enough he did I started balling my eyes out knowing he was never going to speak to me again and I would be losing the love of my life I haven’t talked with him sense and I miss him very much he was every thing I was looking for and more he was amazing and the funny thing is is that at first I just liked him as a friend nothing else I wanted to dump him but I couldn’t at first but then I did and when I did I noticed it was crazy for me to have done that he was amazing he was the man of my dreams so we went back out and then he left me :( but he could all ways make me smile and he had the most amazing smile voice and eyes and it,s driving me crazy cause other then the eyes he look’s pretty much just like cappie on greek he has the sense of humor of cappie all so and when ever I see greek or when ever I here my x,s name I just start getting all teary eyed which I never do unless I am very hurt or if some one else is hurt I want him back but I know that’s most likely not a choice I try not to think about him but every time I try not to I find my self thinking about him even more I don’t know what to do no matter what I will love him I can’t help it hes just amazing and I love/loved him my love for him kinda reminds me of the note book I have watched that movie like 4 times just this week

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I have bin threw that EXACT same thing recently..I’m really srry for u..I hope every thing works out because I noo how you feel :( just stay strong if it was meant tew b then he’ll come bakk but he’s a jerk for leaving you anyways…lighten upp..put a smile on yur face I noo how it feels and it sucks and it takes awhile tew get over it but guess what when you dew itll b better and when I got over mii huge breakupp and moved on he came running bakk and you no what I did…I ignored hym because he was never worth mii time…it may b different in yur situation but just stay strong and confident and don’t let it phase you even tho itll b hard you got to just move on…Good Luckk

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It was really hard reading all that in one breath.

Whats your question dear?

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so yea

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wildcutee14 thanks for the advice I know it takes time and all I guess I am just being very stubborn I don’t want any one else even though I’m lonely by now I should have a boyfriend but I don’t know I just can’t I turned down like 15 20 people sense I haven’t been with him which is weird cause normally I am just like yea 2 the first person that asks me

angelfire2708 -what I am wondering is what I can do 2 get him back I guess cause I don’t want 2 for get about him all though I try and I don’t want him 2 be un happy but I want2 be happy and I want him

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