Is it true that once you go black, you never go back?

the title to this question is just a saying but is it true that black men are way better in bed than white? very curious. women who know please tell me!! also men i guess ...x

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Like I said, step away from the computer, go buy a dictionary. You need to learn how to spell.

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all i can say is u will need 2 showers after words

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I have been with both at one time in bed. They were both good. Hard to choose. I gave head to both, but the black guys c*m tasted better like candy. But the white guy was not having intercourse with me, he was doing it from the back door. So I would have to let the black guy do me in the back door so I could tell.

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who are you to judge, if I want to say that to people, I can. Is that a problem?

Why do white girls want to date black boys?

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love ur pathetic arguements ha but thanks for comments my dears!

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Omg, you guys are so stupid. Omg.

cum makesbur boobs grow?

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Um, okay sexy minx, that was a little too much information, we didn't need to know that.

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Well I agree with Ladydon. That was a little too much information. I would keep that info to myself.

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that saying is so not true.

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Dear torimate,
That is kind of like saying that short woman are better in bed, or that people with blue eyes are smarter. Each one of us are individuals and do things very differently no matter what are colour, race or creed.
Sue...good luck

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NO!...okay, I've had sex with two black guys and I'm sorry to say that you can definetly go back! I have been with...well, enough guys lol...and I'm going to have to say that I get WAY more plessure from the person thereself...the only thing people go off is that they think black guys have huge c***s, but I've seen some huge one on the white guys and it's all in how they use them on to answer your question...NO! Black men are not better than white!

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I have been with one black guy, and I must say HE is still the best sexual experience I have ever had. We broke up a couple of years ago, and I still find myself replaying some of the moments we had. He was the most attentive to my sexual needs, the most creative with positions, the most intense and romantic, and was the most well endowed with size...Lastly, he had the best stamina ever. However, it doesn't mean that men of any other race can't be just as good or better...

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Well i have had sex wit two white girls and three mexican girls and they all said i am the biggest and best they have had so i feel Once u Go Black u never go back

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