today I got drop out of school

ok well today I got drop out of school. it all happen over me not wanting to seat in the back of class. thet didnt give me a reason or why I had to sit back there next to the teacher. so I said no. they sent me home. but they told me I had to sit in hallway still it was time to go ( we had 5 hour left.). and my mom said I could leave since they sent me home. so I left. came back the next time. and BANG. they sent me home again for leaving last time. then they came and said I was drop from school. who think this is bull

Answer #1

seriously why would you argue with the teacher???

Answer #2

Whether your mom said it was okay to leave school does not justify you leaving without telling anyone. Your mom should of known that a parent or legal guardian signature is needed to check you out. I would of listened to the teacher then in a smart intelligent way I would of asked what the purpose of you sitting in the back would accomplish. Teachers are not always right but if you do something wrong than you will be the one they blame.

Answer #3

That is pretty much bull. You should go to the district office about this. This is most likely the dumbest thing they can do. Especially since your mother pretty much checked you out of school.

Answer #4

I think you should have just done what the teacher told you and you wouldn’t be in this situation.

Being told to sit at the back is not the end of the world…defiance doesn’t get you far in life.

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