Naked picture trouble

I took naked pic for this guy and I think he might have put them on the internet.. I am so mad, what do I do. I know he should all his friends.

because they all ask for some now and I say noo. but they keep asking

Answer #1

kill the guy jk but that guys a jerk whole theresnot much you cld do… you might be able to get him arrested but I don’t know if you want that. try an avoid nude pics though

Answer #2

posting nude pictures of a minor is illegal… BUT you need to know where the picture is in order to get it taken off the net..

Answer #3

There’s nothing you can do. This is the problem with taking naked pictures of yourself. NEVER post fully nude. This is what happens. Have you learned nothing from celebrities and their sex tapes. Seriously, next time you have this bright idea, take some classy pictures and cover your girly parts that way you dont have anything to come back when your 40 to haunt you.

Answer #4

just like mandyloo said, you cant do much. its over and done with now. I hope now you have learned from your mistakes and take this advice not to do it again. I guess just make the best out of it, the less you let it get to you, the less it follows around. People will later just forget about it.

I advise that maybe next time this situation occurs again you could say no or cover up a little more..

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